So I’m in the middle of packing/saying goodbye to everybody/everything but just wanted to say that a Torres del Paine post is coming, just not until i get back to the States.  … Sigue leyendo


Querido Santiago: Te amo. Estos cinco meses han sido los más espectaculares de mi vida. He aprendido hartas cosas y he conocido a gente amable y cariñosa. Te voy a extrañar mucho. Eres… Sigue leyendo

Próximo Viaje

Alrighty people. Here’s what’s coming up next: Tomorrow I leave for the end of the world – Torres del Paine to hike the W trail. Google it. This is supposed to be one… Sigue leyendo

Villa Grimaldi

This past weekend was busy. We had a mega field trip on Saturday that consisted of a trip to Villa Grimaldi, a history class, and a trip to the Museo de la Memoria… Sigue leyendo

Cajón de Maipo

On Monday we had a ‘re-entry’ workshop in Cajón de Maipo, 25 kilometers from Santiago. This was a day trip I had wanted to make for awhile but never found the time so… Sigue leyendo

Mi vida es un chiste

It sounds cheesy but today was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I started out by going on a little walk/photo adventure with Janae. We walked along the river in the park where… Sigue leyendo

Hacemos thanksgivings?

Just saying – I will be having 3 thanksgiving dinners here en Chile. Ambitious. I have done the first 2 and I am literally going to explode. The third is mañana and I… Sigue leyendo

Último blog para mi clase

Una de mis metas más importantes en mi decisión de estudiar en Chile era relajar. No solo en el sentido en que personas relajan cuando están de vacaciones. Quería tratar de combatir todos… Sigue leyendo

Buenos Aires

Oops. I’m lazy and never posted about my trip to Buenos Aires. My B. I feel like it goes without saying that it was absolutely amazing, I mean how could it not be?… Sigue leyendo

Sweet Home Santiago

I have about 36 days left here. There are 13 days left until my last day of classes. 11 of my final days will be spent hiking in Torres del Paine/exploring Chiloe.  It all… Sigue leyendo