A Late Hello

ALRIGHTY. Hello friends, family, and lovely people of the interweb.  So this is my blog that I’ll be using for the next 4 months as I study abroad in Santiago de Chile.  I had been playing around with the idea of having a blog before I got here and in the first few weeks after my arrival (I got here on July 15th), but I thought I wouldn’t use it ever.  Then I found out that I had to start one for the Spanish class I’m taking (¡Hola Chica!) so I thought why not just post on it for everyone.  I had to have 10 entries for today, in Spanish obviously since its a Spanish class, but now that I have those done I’m going to start writing some in English seeing as most of my readers (aka just my mother) don’t speak Spanish.  Anyway, I’m absolutely loving it here and I will post again in English soon, but for now back to bed! (In case you missed my previous entry, I have a cold and have been dying in bed all day)

Meesh, out.