A Little Walk

So per Papa Whelan’s request I took a little walk and took some pictures so you can all see where I’m living! I left my house and had no idea where to go so I just went the way I go to get to the GW program office so these are some things I see when I walk to class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sorry if this is boring


First we have mi casita – my apartment building.  I live on the first floor which is blocked by the gate obviously, but here it is.

Street signs on the corner – Manuel Montt and Perez Valenzuela


Metro construction. Obviously. Because no matter what country you’re in, there’s always problems with the stairs/escalator/trains/etc.


Here’s the actual metro sign. I’m actually in love with the metro here.  It’s clean and efficient, but it closes reeeeallly early (like 11pm WHAT?) and it tends to eat up all my money.  Another similarity I’ve found with the metro in Santiago and the one in DC is that no one seems to understand the meaning of ‘center of the car’ as in, ‘move to the center of the car so when I get on the metro to go to class I don’t end up with my face pressed against the doors because everyone and their mother is on the metro’.


Just part of the street near my house, you can kinda see Cerro San Cristobal in the background (big hill with a statue of the Virgin Mary on top)


Plaza a La Aviación. I really don’t know anything about it, but it’s pretty and I like the sculpture.



Benches. For daddy.


The ‘river’ Mapocho.  I thought the Potomac was gross looking but this takes dirty to another level. But a pretty view.


And last picture is another bench for daddy. Kinda cool cause you can see the Telefonica building in the background (its shaped like a giant cell phone)


And that’s all for now. Maybe another day I’ll get more inspired and take more pictures of my neighborhood or do a video of a walk around it. Hope this wasn’t a waste of your time lovely interweb people.