Al pie del volcán

I spent this past weekend on a GW program trip to Pucón in the lakes region of Chile.  It was great to get out of Santiago for a bit and breathe some fresh air and see all of the amazing nature in this part of the country.  For three days I was surrounded by rolling hills, gorgeous lakes, lots of baby sheepies and cows, OH AND THE MOST ACTIVE VOLCANO IN SOUTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!

This is where Pucón is

(sidenote: even though we got there on friday morning we awkwardly didn’t even see the volcano until sunday morning because of the shitty weather conditions. womp womp.)

Volcán Vilarica

We left late Thursday night for our 10ish hour bus ride to Pucón and arrived at our hotel around 9am on Friday.  The hotel was gorgeous (thanks GW) and the other GW girls and I shared an apartment that was SICK.  Later on we went on a tour of the area where they brought us to the Ojos del Caburgua and two waterfalls.  The last thing we did on the tour was go to hot springs which felt amazing after walking around in the cold and rain.

Ojos del Caburgua

Afterwards we went into the town of Pucón (our hotel was about a 15 minute ride outside town) so we could try to plan our activities for the next couple days. I will go into more detail about our activities in my next entries because the ridiculousness that occurred on this trip really merits it.

But really overall the trip was amazing.  The nature in this area is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  The color of the water at the Ojos del Caburgua was absolutely the most clear and bright blue I have ever seen and the green of the mountainsides and the grass was impressive as well.  At times when we were driving around I felt like I could’ve been in Vermont because of the gorgeous mountains and all the cows and horses.  I seem to be having a lot of trouble eloquently expressing these views so I’m just going to hope that the pictures can help me out.

Ariel and I at one of the waterfalls

OH I almost forgot. One of the coolest/funniest/weirdest things about this town was that on the town-hall-like building they have a traffic light that tells you the chance of an eruption that day.  Green is safe, yellow is watch out, and red means you should probably have left when it was yellow because you’re now going to have to outrun the lahar.

**i kinda made up what each of the colors means, but it makes sense, right?