Pucón Parte 2

Saturday morning the group and I went horseback riding.  If you’ve read my previous post from Mendoza you might guess that I had high expectations for this activity. Boy was I in for a surprise. We signed up for a 4 hour ride and got basically 4 hours of pure fear and torture.  Our guides were horrible and just sat in back laughing at us, texting, singing, and smoking the entire time while our extremely aggressive horses tried to kill each other.  I kid you not, they were actually homicidalequicidal (haha get it, cause they’re horses. I’m not funny.)


They were all trying to bite each others faces, and Ariel’s horse was literally trying to trip the other ones; it got so bad that she had to change horses halfway through.  Oh and I got bit by one of the horses on my knee. Awkward. I’m fine though, no worries.  Honestly even though it was slightly terrifying the whole time, I really enjoyed it.  My horse was one of the least aggressive so as long as I kept away from the crazy ones I was able to calmly take in the beautiful scenery.

like a boss

The next day we took a tour of the volcanic caves which were unlike anything I had ever seen before.  I felt like Nick Cage in the first National Treasure movie when they go underneath Trinity Church except cooler cause we were under a volcano….and I’m not Nick Cage.  There really isn’t any accurate way to describe just how awesome these caves were other than to say that they were unbelievable.  Like I know that really doesn’t give any information but its not something I can put into words.

After the caves I went ziplining!!!! This was extremely exciting for me because ziplining was the one thing I really wanted to do in South America.  It was just me, Janae, two Chinese men, and our guides and it was sososososososooooo much fun.  I wasn’t scared at all like I had expected to be (kinda like parachuting) and the views were pretty awesome.  It kinda sucked that the weather wasn’t great because I have no doubt that it would’ve been better if it had been sunny, but luckily it didn’t start raining until right after we finished.  One of the unexpected things about ziplining was that we had to climb so many ladders.  Somehow I didn’t put together that to be that high up in the air it was necessary to do some climbing.  That was the scariest part because even though we were still attached to ropes while we went up I still kept thinking I was going to fall.

under the volcano


not in the air yet, but ziplining chicas ready to fly!

The magic of Sunday was killed with the 10 hour night bus ride from hell coupled with taking all out luggage on the metro in Santiago at what everyone told us was “la hora de ladrones” or the hour of robbers.  Luckily nothing got stolen and I got to sleep for a bit when I got home