Buenos Aires

Oops. I’m lazy and never posted about my trip to Buenos Aires. My B. I feel like it goes without saying that it was absolutely amazing, I mean how could it not be?

We arrived there on a thursday night so our first view of the city was of all of the lights from the plane and it was breathtaking. I saw it and thought now this is a city. We got in, took a cab to our hostel (which was pretty gross – they had just had a flood a week before and it was all mildewy and moldy and nasty) where our friends met up with us and we went out to get drinks.

The next day I had to get up early to register for classes and then we decided to change hostels because of how disgusting the first one was, so the morning was pretty much just stressful. When we finally got the hostel situation figured out we did a little walking tour of the city. We went down Avenida 9 de Julio (the widest street in the world) and then to Plaza de Mayo to see the Casa Rosada. Later on that night we went out with our friends and got a little taste of the infamous Buenos Aires nightlife. It wasn’t too crazy of a night but it was pretty fun.

casa rosada

On Saturday we spent the morning dealing with hostel logistics and then took the bus to La Boca, the barrio where tango was invented. This was one of my favorite parts of the city. The brightly colored houses were beautiful and it was really cool to see everything there. We also had really really good pizza on Saturday – something I was real excited about considering Chile makes some subpar pizza.

La Boca

Sunday we went to the Recoleta Cemetery, where the extremely wealthy of Buenos Aires are buried.  There we saw Evita’s tomb and just explored around the city of graves. It was extremely impressive (but then again I hadn’t seen the cemetery in Santiago at this point). Next we headed to a market in the San Telmo area where they had a lot of jewelry and leather goods. I had trouble finding anything I really liked but it was amazing to see just how big the market was. It was all along one of the streets and just went on and on and on. I don’t know how much of it we saw but we were there for a couple hours and definitely didn’t see everything. Later that night we went to a tango class. It was REALLLLY HARD but so so so much fun. I’m glad I had the chance to learn a little bit and hopefully I’ll remember the steps for awhile.


Monday I did a little bit of shopping in the morning before heading to the airport to fly back to Chile. I feel like this entry is a little boring but I feel like so much happened and I did so much on this trip that it’s really hard to cover it all or even explain it. Hopefully the pictures will help capture it.