Cajón de Maipo

On Monday we had a ‘re-entry’ workshop in Cajón de Maipo, 25 kilometers from Santiago. This was a day trip I had wanted to make for awhile but never found the time so I’m really glad GW made it happen. It was really interesting driving there because we passed the spot of an attempted assassination attempt on Pinochet that we had learned about this week in our history class.

When we arrived we went on a little hike (a hikelet really) and saw a couple waterfalls. It was a clear, sunny day – perfect for hiking. The scenery was amazing and it was great to be with the whole GW group again.


After the hike we had lunch at a restaurant nearby and did our workshop. It was all about reverse culture shock and what we could expect to be feeling when we return to the United States. For me it was weird to be talking about leaving. I feel as though I just arrived here and I don’t think I’m quite ready to go. Also with my impending trips to Torres del Paine and Chiloe, I don’t feel like my flight back to Boston is as soon as it actually is. The whole meeting was a little surreal. I kept looking around the table and thinking is this really the last time we’re all going to be together? I have grown so close with the group I came here with that I can’t imagine not hanging out with them all the time and while I’m sure we will  hang out back at GW, it won’t be the same.

Overall a good day. Emotional, but good. Enjoy the photos!!


lil lizard/salamander/reptile friend