Mi vida es un chiste

It sounds cheesy but today was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

I started out by going on a little walk/photo adventure with Janae. We walked along the river in the park where we’ve been running for the past month and then went to go get some jugos naturales (natural juice – my FAVORITE) at a cafe near our house. I then bought a delicious cheese and mushroom empanada for lunch and went to go get souveniers/christmas gifts for people back home. I ended up finding everything I wanted for cheaper prices than I had predicted so I was in a really good mood.

Then I had a fiasco with money and stupid ATMs (which is casi resuelto) which was mega stressful and stupid and I was mad. To solve the money issue I ended up having to get money my parents sent through Western Union and I felt like an African refugee (just because I think the only time I’ve talked about Western Union was in relation to sending remittances and scams involving Nigerian princes). I had to go to three different places until I was able to get my dinero but thankfully I have it and I’ll be all set for my trip to Torres del Paine tomorrow.

Once everything was solved I got myself some tiramisu and strawberry milk to relax and make me feel better and then I got pizza (which weirdly had corn on it  but whatever). I’m looking forward to my trip tomorrow; I think I’m the perfect combination of nervous and excited.

Something I realized after this whole stupid ATM thing was how much I have grown here. Before I came to Chile I wouldn’t have handled the situation in the same way I did today. I would’ve been too scared to talk to the people at the metro by myself (in English let alone Spanish) and it would have stressed me out so much more. But I was able to go up to the people at the metro and explain my problem perfectly in Spanish (something I wouldn’t have had the language skills to do at the beginning of the semester) and deal with everything. Of course I broke down crying to my mom when I skyped her about it, but I’m really amazed at how this little fiasco has shown me how much this experience has changed me. Not to sound pompous but I am extremely proud of myself.