Próximo Viaje

Alrighty people. Here’s what’s coming up next:

Tomorrow I leave for the end of the world – Torres del Paine to hike the W trail. Google it. This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and I am extremely excited to go. Well, its more of a combination of excitement and nervousness because I’ve never done anything like this before. We are trying to get through the hike in 5 days (usually takes anywhere between 3 and 5) camping along the way. It’s going to be hard and by the end I’m going to be exhausted but I think it has the potential to be one of the coolest things I have ever done.

After Torres del Paine I am headed to the island of Chiloe (north of Torres del Paine) for a few days. This is supposedly another one of Chile’s most gorgeous spots. Hopefully it will be a nice way to relax after 5 days of hiking.

I will be back in Santiago on December 10th (hopefully mid-morning/early afternoon) and be busy busy busy trying to fit in everything I wanted to do before I head back to the States on December 12th.

Wish me luck! Hopefully I make it through the hike unscathed. There’s a chance that this will be my last post from Chile, but I will definitely update on my final Chilean adventure and who knows, maybe I’ll keep this blog up when I’m back (admittedly if I do it will be almost exclusively food). ¡Chao y nos vemos (o hablamos) muy pronto!